Money & Communications

Cuban Currency

Cuba has two currencies:  the Cuban Peso (CUP) and the Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC).  Licensed Travelers will receive CUCs when exchanging money (dollars, Euros, Canadian dollars, etc.) in Cuba.  When purchasing goods or services in Cuba, vendors will only accept CUCs.  On average, the CUC is equivalent to that of the US dollar. 


It is recommended that Licensed Travelers exchange money at the hotel.  It also is possible to exchange money at the airport on arrival.  When departing Cuba, Licensed Travelers may exchange leftover CUCs to U.S. dollars.  



Credit Card & Debit Cards


On January 16, 2015, OFAC removed the prohibition on Licensed Travelers using credit and debit cards.  Licensed Travelers may use U.S.-bank issued credit cards or debit cards to pay expenses in Cuba, if the merchant banks agree to accept, process, and pay charges to Cuba.  Before traveling to Cuba, Licensed Travelers should contact their merchant banks and verify that the credit/debit cards may be used in Cuba. 


Per Diem Limitation


OFAC, also on January 16, 2015, removed the limitation on the amounts Licensed Travelers may spend during their stay in Cuba.  There currently is no limitation on the amount Licensed Travelers may spend on hotel accommodations, meals, ground transportation, and goods consumed in Cuba. 





Very few hotels offer free WIFI.  The newer hotels may offer WIFI access in certain rooms for a nominal fee.  If the hotel does not offer this service, there may be a business center in the hotel, where guests can access computers.  Airline Brokers can assist you in finding a hotel with access to WIFI.  Airline Brokers, however, is not responsible if the WIFI service is not available, for any reason or any duration.   

Cell Phones


U.S. mobile or cell phones will not operate in Cuba.  At the hotel, Licensed Travelers can make direct calls to the U.S. or receive direct calls from the U.S.  This is the most economical and hassle free option for placing calls.


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