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Individual Travel


As mentioned in the Travel Regulations link, a U.S. person (an individual) must qualify for a general license or hold an effective specific license, before he may make his travel arrangements to Cuba.  Virtually all of the general licenses allow a qualifying individual to travel on his own.  For example, a professional may qualify for the general license that authorizes him to conduct professional research in Cuba.  Similarly, a journalist for a news reporting organization may qualify for a general license authorizing journalistic activities.  Both of these individuals may travel on their own.  


Depending upon the purpose of the travel (as stated in the license application), a specific license may authorize an individual to travel on his own.

Family Travel


More individuals travel to Cuba under the general license for family visits than under any other General License.  This general license authorizes U.S. persons, and persons traveling with them who share a common dwelling as a family, to visit close relatives.  The term “close relative” means person who are:


  • Related by blood, marriage or adoption;
  • No more than three generations from the U.S. persons or their common ancestors; and
  • Any one of the following:
    • Cuban nationals;
    • Persons ordinarily residing in Cuba;
    • Persons who qualify under the general license for educational activities identified in (5)(a)(i) through (iv) below, provided that such generally licensed persons will be in Cuba for more than 60 days; or
    • Persons located in Cuba under the general license for official government business.


A U.S. person who qualifies for this general license may travel on his own, or with other qualifying family members. 


What Documents Are Needed From Individuals or Close Relatives?


Each individual traveler – whether generally licensed or specifically licensed – must provide a certification stating the regulatory section that authorizes him to travel to Cuba.  In addition, each individual must submit the following documents to Airline Brokers:


  • Copy of valid passport;
  • Completed Airline Brokers Reservation Form;
  • If traveling by charter flight, a completed Operator-Participant Contract;
  • If traveling under a specific license, a copy of the Specific License.


Required documents may be e-mailed to


What Services Can Airline Brokers Offer to Licensed Groups?


Airline Brokers offers a variety of travel services to each Licensed Traveler.  These services include:


  • Booking air travel to/from Cuba (and issuing airline tickets);
  • Booking hotel reservations;
  • Making ground transportation arrangements (including mini-vans or buses);
  • Assisting with Cuban passport renewal applications;
  • Assisting with Cuban entry visa applications;
  • Researching meeting locations for licensed group activities;
  • Providing airport check-in information; and
  • Offering special services, such as arranging for translators, providing a Travel Consultant at the U.S. airport to facilitate group check-in, etc.


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The Cuban travel restrictions apply to all U.S. citizens and U.S. residents – wherever they are located – even to those who are traveling to Cuba from another country or who are holding dual citizenship with another country.  The travel restrictions also apply to (i) foreign citizens who are within the United States and who want to travel from the United States to Cuba and (ii) foreign citizens who are in Cuba and who want to travel from Cuba to the United States).  Only persons licensed by OFAC may travel to and from Cuba.  This rule applies regardless of whether the person wants to travel from Miami or any other authorized U.S. airport.


Our team will be happy to reserve travel to Cuba from Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa, or Los Angeles.  Weekly flights to Havana, Camaguey, Cienfuegos, Holguin & Santiago de Cuba!  For a additional information on flights and prices click here.

Hotel & Car Rental 

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Emergency Travel to Cuba

In cases of urgent travel needs, our staff can assist in last minute flight bookings.


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