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Departures from the United States


The U.S. government has authorized 18 U.S. airports to serve as the gateway to Cuba.  This means that any one of the authorized airports may allow Carrier Service Providers to arrange charter flights between the U.S. airport and an authorized Cuban airport.  Three Florida airports currently offer a substantial majority of the charter flights to Cuba:  Miami International Airport (MIA); Tampa International Airport (TPA); and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL).  Flights from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) are seasonal, and flights from JFK International Airport (JFK) may resume in the future. 




Miami International Airport offers the greatest number of U.S.-authorized charter flights to/from Cuba than any other U.S. airport.  Carrier Service Providers have arranged daily flights 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  
The U.S. Department of Transportation (“DOT”) has authorized all Cuba-bound charter flights, with concurrence from the Office of Foreign Assets Control (“OFAC”) and the U.S. Department of State (“DOS”).  Carrier Service Providers cannot confirm the schedule for these flights until DOT has approved them.  This typically occurs at least 2 to 4 months before the departure date. 


Destinations in Cuba


The U.S. Transportation Security Administration (“TSA”) is the Federal agency responsible for determining whether a foreign airport has implemented internationally mandated security measures to ensure the safe operation of the aircraft, the safety of the passengers and crew, and the security of U.S. borders.  To date, TSA has determined that 7 Cuban airports meet security requirements and that Carrier Service Providers may offer charter flights to/from these Cuban airports.  The TSA-authorized airports are:


  • Havana
  • Camagüey
  • Cienfuegos
  • Holguín
  • Manzanillo
  • Santa Clara
  • Santiago de Cuba


Carrier Service Providers have arranged charter flights to each of these other destinations.  Please call or e-mail Airline Brokers for information regarding flights to these destinations in Cuba.


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Airfare and Tickets


Carrier Service Providers establish the airfare for roundtrip and one-way travel on the charter flights to/from Cuba.  Several factors will determine the airfare:


  • Airfare pricing is seasonal.  The high season generally occurs during the summer months of June, July & August as well as the holiday season in December.

  • Destination in Cuba.  Generally speaking, the least expensive airfares are for the flights operating to/from Havana. 

  • Charter Price.  Each Carrier Service Provider establishes the airfare independently and based upon commercial factors.  Therefore, prices will vary depending upon the Carrier Service Provider, the routing, and the air carrier operating the flight.
  • Operator-Participant Contract.  Each Carrier Service Provider will require that a Licensed Traveler sign the Operator-Participant Contract.  This document explains whether the traveler may cancel his travel plans and whether the traveler has any rights to a refund for doing so.  The Licensed Traveler must review and sign this document before a ticket will be issued.    


Please contact an Airline Brokers representative for the price list of your anticipated flight. 


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What is Included in the Airfare


Just in case you were wondering was goes into the cost of your airfare ticket, our team has broken-down the fees for you:


  • Roundtrip Ticket:  The airfare will cover transportation from the U.S. to Cuba and transportation from Cuba back to the U.S.

  • One-way Ticket:  The airfare will cover transportation in one direction only, whether from the U.S. to Cuba or from Cuba to the U.S.

  • U.S.  Taxes:  The airfare must include all U.S. government imposed taxes and all airline imposed charges such as fuel surcharges. 

  • Required Cuban Medical Insurance:  Cuba requires that all visitors must obtain a limited emergency medical insurance policy that is valid for 30 days beginning from the date on which the passenger has arrived in Cuba.  The airfare will cover the premium for this required insurance. 


What is not Included in the Airfare


There are certain charges that are not included in the price of the ticket.  These are:


  • The Cuban departure tax of 25 CUCs is not included.  The Cuban government imposes this tax directly on the passenger and requires that each departing passenger pay this tax at the airport in Cuba on the date of departure from Cuba.  The Cuban government requires that each departing passenger pay this tax in CUCs.  Credit cards and debit cards are not accepted.  Please be sure to have this amount available to pay the departure tax in Cuba.

  • Carrier Service Providers have ancillary charges for excess baggage.  Each Carrier Service Provider may have a different fee for excess baggage.  Please contact Airline Brokers for information on the excess baggage fees applicable to the flight you would like to select. 

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